Process of Interior Design

-On site visit and initial interview

-Project review (requirements and/or obstacles)

-Overview of budget (to see if realistic or needs to be reevaluated)

-Time table for initiation, implementation, and completion of project

-Measurements (rooms, windows, walls, etc)

-Photos of pre-project

Space Planning

-Initial documentation of room usage

-Suggestions for maximizing existing space and/or integrating possible room modifications through structural changes

-New or alternate furniture placement

-New or alternate door and/or window placement or type


-Creative thought processes that give the client a personal and realistic plan

-Consideration of color, mood, textural variety, proportion, continuity, focal elements, and comfort

-Consideration of light and lighting control

-Acoustical elements and control (carpets, rugs, window treatments, upholstered furniture, wall and ceiling products)


– Signing the Project Proposal

– Initiating purchases and/or hiring of contractors

– Oversight of project and contractors

– Review Timetable and Budget

– Integrating the clients personal and/or historical artifacts, collections, furnishings

– Completion of project, finishing items: art, accessories, etc.